Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Our bankruptcy lawyers offer an initial free bankruptcy consultation to discuss your bankruptcy filing options. During the consultation, our bankruptcy lawyers will make a full analysis of your financial situation to determine your best options for filing bankruptcy.

To make the most out of your free bankruptcy consultation, it will be helpful to have a good understanding of your general debt situation. Many debtors choose to bring a free credit report to their consultation. Debtors filing bankruptcy need to produce certain required documents for the bankruptcy process to be successful. Many of these documents need to be gathered and brought to your first free bankruptcy consultation including the following:

  • Latest federal and state tax returns and all supporting documents including W2 forms
  • 60 days of pay stubs or other evidence of income received during that time

If your documents are in electronic form, they should be printed before your free bankruptcy consultation. If you have difficulty printing the documents prior to your initial consultation, please call the office at 757-428-3481 for information about emailing or faxing your documents before your appointment.