How to Stop Garnishment

Garnishment can be stopped by filing bankruptcy. If you act quickly, you may be able to recover the garnished funds that have already been taken from you.

Check your garnishment paperwork and look for something called the “Return Date”. This date is usually listed in the upper right hand corner of the Garnishment Summons in Virginia. The Garnishment Return Date is the court date for your bank or employer to send to court the money the they have been garnishing from your bank account or paycheck. If you file bankruptcy before the court date for the garnishment, your can stop the garnishment.

Before your bankruptcy is filed, we will protect your garnished funds from being taken by your creditors or your bankruptcy trustee. We are able to use certain laws to protect your garnished funds so the money can be returned to you.

After your bankruptcy is filed, we can work to recover the garnished funds. We will contact your bank or employer holding your garnished money and notify them of the bankruptcy filing. We will also contact the court and creditor who is responsible for the garnishment.

If you are being garnished, contact us immeidately by phone at 757-428-3481